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    Smoking ban sets Alcove Tavern apart from other bars

    3 November, 2009 By Patrick Rupinski Staff Writer

    TUSCALOOSA | When Chad Smith opened a new tavern, he made it different from his competition by banning smoking inside. “I think the town is moving in that direction,” said Smith, owner of the Alcove International Tavern, which opened about two months ago at 730 22nd Ave. “I think in three to four years, all taverns will be non-smoking, because that seems to be the trend.” In 2003, a state law banned smoking in hospitals, schools, mo...

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    The Alcove voted one of best beer bars in country

    21 March, 2012 By The Crimson White

    The Alcove International Tavern was voted one of the best college beer bars in America by Men’s Health magazine, and for students who enjoy the bar’s laidback atmosphere, it is easy to see why. Chad Smith, owner of the Alcove, said he has tried to set his bar apart from the typical college bar scene by giving it a small, cozy feel instead of a big venue, party feel. This cozy scene is what appeals most to some students, such as Zachary ...

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    The Alcove: Best bar for adults

    31 October, 2011 By Janet Sudnik

    The  Alcove It might take a few tries to find it, but once you do, chances are you'll return. The Alcove International Tavern is hard to give directions to, and owner Chad Smith says that's been part of the plan from the beginning. “We're basically two blocks from everything else in town,” says Smith, “but it's just far enough away that we're more of a destination spot.” He wanted the tavern to be a different kind ...

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    The Secret South

    June/July, 2010 By Rosecrans Baldwin

    Alcove International Tavern Tuscaloosa, AL : Unlike most other Tuscaloosa drinking shrines, the Alcove doesn’t require a stop by the dry cleaner on the way back home—it was the first bar in town to offer an indoor smoking ban. But except for its “international” claim—which relates to the bar’s variety of rare craft beers that appeal to Tide fans and sports-indifferent locals alike—the Alcove is a local institutio...

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