Alcove International Tavern was established in September 2009 as Tuscaloosa’s first Smoke-Free bar and upscale neighborhood tavern. It was small and off-the-beaten-path by design, and purposely there’s not a big sign with our name on it. It was created for worldly minded individuals to have a place to goto, and as a somewhat hidden destination it would only bring the people who wanted to be there. We opened right after the Free-the-Hops bill allowed for higher ABV beers to be legal in Alabama, and utilizing this new opportunity Alcove helped pave the way for the craft beer scene in Tuscaloosa.



Known for being the smallest bar in town while offering the biggest beer selection, Alcove quickly gained a name for itself for quality and quantity. We were the first bar in town to do 2oz pours of liquor drinks and only serve medium to top shelf liquors, setting the bar higher for our customers’ expectations and taking pride in our service and products.


Inside you won’t find any neon beer signs, instead from the start the decor was imported art from Peru, and now includes one room of all local artists pieces. Over the years we’ve expanded left and right to add more space all while retaining the cozy small bar atmosphere that makes our regulars feel comfortable and newcomers feel welcome. Tuscaloosa has grown all around us as we’ve watched parking disappear and more nightlife options come onto the scene, but through it all the Alcove feeling has still resonated with our clientelle and they continue to make us feel loved and appreciated.

Year after year we take pride in greeting our friends and opening our doors to newcomers as we watch our Alcove family grow. Thank you for taking part in our experience and we look forward to seeing you at the cove soon!